About Moi



Hi, there! I’m Emily and I’m so glad that you’ve blessed me with your time as you peruse my trappings.  I’m in my upper 30’s and glad to be! I’m married to Lyle. He’s just lovely and the perfect match that God created precisely for me. I have three boys (no, we won’t be trying for a girl. yes, this is EXACTLY how I had prayed it would be) and am a boymom to the absolute core.  My Paul is 14 and has autism (and he is an incredible human!), Chris is 10 (and he loves so hard!), and Jacob is just about 4 (and he’s a fiery red-headed crowd-grabber, just like his daddy).

I’m here to share bits and pieces of my life and what God’s doing. It’s Emily Unplugged because I’m real and this is really who I am and what’s happening.  It doesn’t look like my social media pages (because lets be honest, dirty laundry belongs in the laundry room, not on Facebook) but it totally is a glimpse into the raw and the intense… and if you ask my husband that’s exactly who I am. 😉



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